Latest publications of the High Intensity Laser Research Group
  Barnabás Gilicze, Rita Dajka, István B. Földes, Sándor Szatmári:
Improvement of the temporal and spatial contrast of the nonlinear Fourier-filter
Optics Express 25, No. 17, 20791-20797 (2017)
  B. Gilicze, A. Barna, Zs. Kovács, S. Szatmári and I.B. Földes:
Plasma mirrors for short pulse KrF lasers
REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 87, 083101 (2016) IF.: 1.336 (2015)
  S. Szatmári, R. Dajka, A. Barna, B. Gilize and I.B. Földes:
Improvement of the temporal and spatial contrast of high-brightness laser beams
Laser Physics Letters 13, 075301, 2016 IF.: 2.391 (2015)
  Alex B. Borisov, John C. McCorkindale, Sankar Poopalasingam, James W. Longworth, Peter Simon, Sándor Szatmári, and Charles K. Rhodes:
Rewriting the Rules Governing High Intensity Interactions of Light with Matter
Reports on Progress in Physics, 79 (2016) 046401 IF: 12.933 (2015)
  A. Barna, I. B. Földes, J. Bohus, S. Szatmári:
Active stabilization of the beam pointing of a high-power KrF laser system
Metrology and Measurement Systems, Vol. XXII (2015), No. 1, pp. 165-172 IF: 0.925 (2014)
  R. Rakowski, A. Barna, T. Suta, J. Bohus, I. B. Földes, S. Szatmári, J. Mikolajczyk, A. Bartnik, H.Fiedorowicz, C. Verona, G. Verona Rinati, D. Margarone, T. Nowak, M. Rosinski, L. Ryc:
Resonant third harmonic generation of KrF laser in Ar gas
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 123105 (2014) IF:1.614
  L. Ryc, A. Barna, L. Calcagno, I. B. Földes, P. Parys, F. Riesz, M. Rosinski, S. Szatmári and L. Torrisi:
Mearurement of ion emission from plasmas obtained with a 600 fs KrF laser
Physica Scripta T161, 014032, 2014 IF:1.126