High Intensity Laser Laboratory (HILL)

Based on the assessment under the National Research Infrastructure Survey and Roadmap Project (NEKIFUT), the HILL has been classified as strategic research infrastructure.


Prof. Dr. Szatmári Sándor (expphys@physx.u-szeged.hu)

Short description of the infrastructure:

The High Intensity Laser Laboratory (HILL) operates a high-intensity femtosecond hybrid dye/excimer laser system offering the best laser parameters at 248 nm in Europe. The pulse energy is 80 mJ with 600 fs duration or 40 mJ with 150 fs pulse duration. The focussed intensity can surpass 1018 W/cm2 at several Hz repetition rate with a high temporal contrast. Several research projects were initiated in plasma physics, solid-state physics and micro material processing involving researchers both from the department and from other research institutes.

Webpage: http://exp.physx.u-szeged.hu/hill/

Activities of HILL:

  • · research and development of high-intensity KrF laser systems,
  • high-intensity laser-plasma interactions,
  •  x-ray spectroscopy,
  •  high-harmonics generation in gases,
  •  interaction of laser with solids, such as laser processing and pulsed laser deposition,
  • pump-and-probe measurement for the study of the dynamics of solid and subpicosecond pulse interactions
  • dynamic reflectivity measurements.

Research opportunities: 

Access procedure (How to apply for access):

Interested researchers are encouraged to contact the Director of the laboratory they wish to visit to obtain information on detailed access opportunities and conditions.

Proposal submission is done by e-mail with the application form. download 

Incoming proposals will be examined by the laboratory research staff. They will judge the scientific content of the project and report their judgement to the director of the laboratory. He will then make a final decision, taking into account the following guidelines:

The laboratory Staff makes every effort to keep the period of time for evaluation and selection of proposals as short as possible, applicants should be prepared to face a period of typically a few weeks.